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For more details about how the books differ in format and coverage, see the Hacker handbook comparison chart.

With almost half the colleges and universities in the country currently using one of Diana Hacker's handbooks, there's a Hacker handbook for everyone. All four handbooks share Diana Hacker's trademark reference features and easy-to-understand language, so students can easily find the information they need and then understand what they find.

The Bedford Handbook (Seventh Edition) The Bedford Handbook, Eigth Edition
The eighth edition combines classic Hacker usability with a next-generation focus on academic writing and research and new navigation that helps students pull together advice for each assignment. Developed with the help of students and teachers at more than 35 colleges and universities, the new edition reflects the ways students write and revise in their comp course and beyond. What’s more, The Bedford Handbook remains a portable size; it’s still a comprehensive reference that’s as easy to consult as it is to carry. With the help of new co-author Nancy Sommers, it’s everything college writers need—in the palm of their hands.

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Rules for Writers (Fourth Edition) Rules for Writers, Sixth Edition
From the best-selling family of handbooks in the country, Rules for Writers is still the best value for college writers. Trademark easy-access advice is comprehensive enough to meet writers’ needs across the curriculum and fits every student’s budget.

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A Writer's Reference (Sixth Edition) A Writer's Reference, Sixth Edition
Thoroughly class-tested by over a million students at more than 1,500 schools, A Writer's Reference is the most widely adopted handbook in the country. The Sixth Edition—available in both print and online—gives students the advice they need in a convenient format.

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A Pocket Style Manual (Third Edition) A Pocket Style Manual, Fifth Edition
Adopted at more than 1600 schools across the country in more than 20 different academic disciplines, A Pocket Style Manual is a straightforward, inexpensive quick reference to the essentials of writing and research in any college course. This best-selling pocket resource is accompanied by a companion Web site that supports college and college-bound writers with additional resources and opportunities for practice.

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