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Nancy Sommers, Sosland Director of Expository Writing at Harvard University, has also taught composition at Rutgers University and at Monmouth College and has directed the writing program at the University of Oklahoma. A two-time Braddock Award winner, Sommers is well known for her research and publications on student writing. Her articles “Revision Strategies of Student and Experienced Writers” and “Responding to Student Writing” are two of the most widely read in the field. Her recent work involves a longitudinal study of undergraduate writing.
Tom Jehn teaches composition and directs the writing across the disciplines program at Harvard University. A recipient of numerous teaching awards both at Harvard and at the University of Virginia, he also leads professional development seminars on writing instruction for public high school teachers through the Calderwood Writing Fellows Project.
Jane Rosenzweig, a published author of fiction and nonfiction, teaches composition and directs the writing center at Harvard University. She has also taught writing at Yale University and the University of Iowa.

Marcy Carbajal Van Horn, assistant professor of English and ESL at Santa Fe Community College (FL), teaches composition to native and nonnative speakers of English and teaches the advanced ESL writing course. She has also taught university-level academic writing and critical thinking at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores in Mexico.

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